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The company OBROL Kulczyński Sp. J. was founded by the present co-owner Julian Kulczyński in 1990. It works in the agriculture branch, and the main line is rape seeds. 18 years ago, as the first company in Poland, OBROL started preparing rape seeds on a large scale. The company cooperates with the greatest rape growers, Polish and foreign ones, and offers the widest range of different rape sorts in the whole country. The seeds are pickled using the newest technologies. We employ the best long-term seed dressings working against rape pests and rape diseases. Using diverse dye-stuff allows to distinguish seeds of the individual growing companies. The process of seed dressing takes place in special Cimbria HMD seed pickling machines. Our daily seed dressing potential is 80 – 100 tones. After dressing, the seeds are packed into sacks making sowing units or 10 kg sacks. They are put onto pallets and in this form delivered to the distribution companies or farms.

Since 2007 we have been engaged also in seed dressing and selling of the basic crops (wheat and hybrid rye), as well as many kinds of hybrid maize.

The OBROL Company produces also preparations which help to protect growing plants: the first Polish adjuvant Olbras 88 EC and the newest Olstic 90 EC, as well as Pest-Aut preparations for washing the plant sprayers and preparations for deactivation of plant protecting preparations, and Las_oil for employment in the forestry.



Bazyl doesn’t fear winter

- high cold resistance
- high oil content
- high and stable crops
- high fungus resistance
- high weather and soil resistance
- very good potency in the first growing phases

Bazyl is a sort which is characterized by a cold resistance. On the basis of COBOU study, the harvest in severe winter conditions totaled up to 114% of the standard in 2003. High and stable crops confirm the results of 109% of the standard in 2003. The seeds content a high percentage of oil – 102% for 4 years. The COBOU study also indicates high protein content in the coarse meal flour (103% for 4 years).

Bazyl is fungus resistant; moreover, it copes well in adverse weather and soil conditions. The advantage of this sort is tolerance to some herbicides containing clomazone (e.g. COMMAND 480 EC).



Bakara grows with passion

It is a new winter rape sort.
- average seed harvest similar to the standard sorts during 2 years of the study, however in the main rape growing regions over the standards
- the fat content in the seeds and the fat harvest at the standard level
- the protein content in the dry protein-free matter visibly higher than the standards
- low glucosinolate content
- resistance to sclerotinia sclerotiorum and alternaria brassicae in 2006 slightly better than the standards
- resistance to root wasting away during growing much better than the standard sorts

- the most fertile Polish sort (2007)
- very high seed and fat harvest (107% of the standards in 2002-2004)
- good cold resistance and very fast regeneration of spring damages
- low raw fibre content
- high protein and fat content
- resistance to sclerotinia sclerotiorum
- very good resistance to blackleg disease

Winter rape offer 2007/2008
Olbras 88 EC

Olbras 88 EC
It is an adjuvant preparation in the form of liquid intended for using with some operational herbicides.

Olbras – an effective treatment 20% better!*

Drops without Olbras application flow down the leaves and evaporate faster.
Olbras make drops stick to the leaves, they are absorbed faster and do not flow down!
It is recommended to protect: beets, maize, crops, rape and others.

- it facilitates to get active substances through the wax layer of weed leaves and speeds up the movement in the plant cells
- it slows down evaporation and extends the contact to the leaf
- it keeps the operational liquid on the leaf surface
- it increases the cell membrane permeability

Active substance content:
Fatty acids coming from physical rape oil refinement: 88%

- 1,5 l/ha
- to protect beets, with some herbicides used in separated doses, Olbras 88 EC should be used: 0,5 - 1,5 l/ha

*The efficiency growth can be different depending on growing conditions

Olstick 90 EC

Olstick 90 EC

Olstick 90 EC
It sticks well to the leaves and ensures a fast transport of the herbicide into the plant interior.

Olstick 90 EC is an oil adjuvant of the new generation. As supplier it works excellent. The components, of which it consists, cause:
- perfect adhesion of the herbicide active substances to the weed leaves
- its distribution on the whole surface
- an active permeation into the leaf lamina of the weed and its effective destruction

Olstick 90 EC facilitates permeation of the active substances through the wax layer of the weed leaves and speeds up their distribution in the plant cells. Olstick 90 EC limits evaporation which extends the time when drops of the operational liquid stay on the plant and as the consequence the amount of the herbicide got into the weeds. This preparation reduces the tension of the operational liquid with an herbicide and improves the distribution of the operational liquid on the sprayed weed leaves. Olstick 90 EC increases the efficiency of used herbicides, which allows to reduce the applied doses in some cases.
It is recommended to protect: beets, maize, winter wheat.

Pest - Aut

Pest - Aut
Pest-Aut is a cleaning, neutralization and disinfection liquid for sprayers:

- cleans the sprayer very well
- reduces the risk of environmental contamination with the liquid rests after rinsing
- neutralizes the rests of the plant protection products
- allows to carry out the next spraying in a safe way

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